Inspire Brazilian Jiu Jitsu






Grand Opening April 6th

We are having our official grand opening on April 6th from 10-2. There will be a seminar from 10:30 tell Noon. Followed by an Open Mat and food! Come in and help introduce our Academy to the community!


Rolling Thunder Session

The Rolling Thunder heavy weight training group came to learn and  train at our Academy on Sunday.

This was a great session where we went into the intricate details of how to control space and replace from a smashed half guard. After some hard training we we all went out and grab some burgers and talked about technique. There was a great times for all and I hope we can do it again soon in the future. I will  organize training sessions with people from other gyms to come up to our Academy or take a field trips to get some good cross-training. Stay tuned in the future.


Patches and Rash Guards are in!!

Placement of patches should be in the center of the back four fingers from the collar.

Sign is up


Multiple sign-ins in one day.

You should now be able to sign in to each class separately. Allowing you to sign in to multiple classes in a day. If there is any confusion or issues please let me know


Upcoming competition

Ibjjf Fall Open will be in Denver on April 18th and 19th


Inspire Movement,✔ Inspire Growth✔ Inspire Confidence✔ Inspire Greatness✔ Inspire Jiu Jitsu


Have a great week! See you on the mats…


Thomas Barr

Head Instructor