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Our Beginners Program will give a thorough  approach to self defense and competition Jiu Jitsu Focus will be on fundamental Jiu Jitsu techniques, as well as an introduction to all positions.  This is where we build you up, not tear you down. In many academies there is a throw “them” to the wolves mentality. At ours, we breed success by giving all our students the tools and experience necessary in a positive and supportive environment   Sparring in class will be limited to positional training, Developing a purposeful training environment that builds good habits.

Benefits include:

  • Fitness
  • Self defense
  • Increased coordination
  • Increased confidence
  • Weight loss  
  • Community
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Our Intermediate program will continue where beginners left off delving deeper into more advanced technique as well as competition Jiu Jitsu and more free training. High level concepts, strategies and ideas will be bought to the forefront. The focus will be on developing an “A” game.


  • Increased Cardio
  • Develop your personal “game”
  • High level problem solving

The Highest level BJJ technique and concepts are taught in this class.

Starting at Blue belt and up you will experience a higher level of both conditioning and training.  This class will focus on the fine detail of each position. Training will be slightly more intense while still demonstrating proper technique. This class will challenge you no matter your skill level.

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